The Inaugural Governing God's Way Leadership Conference and 4th Annual Ron J. Anderson M.D. Public Servant Leader Award



Due to this unexpected but nothing short of miraculous blessing for Justice Wright we are postponing this event until November.
Some knew of the severity of this wonderful woman's health challenges and how God miraculously raised her up. She had been on the kidney transplant list and said never in her wildest dreams could she have ever anticipated this...a colleague, Justice David Evans volunteering to test and he is a perfect match!
This is a God story and a true testament to the love and admiration of two Christian public servant colleagues. This no doubt will be a national story - one of love between two high-profile justices, one black, one white, female and male, but both who love God and one another.
So while we are having to cancel this event, come November, it will be an awesome celebration of the awesome God we serve as we honor the legacy of Dr. Ron Anderson and these two wonderful public servants. What a legendary story of a man who loves God so much so that he would give life to another. This is loving your neighbor.??
Please read their joint statement below and rejoice with us and join us in November for a celebration unlike one we could not have anticipated. The Board of Directors will meet Tuesday, September 10th (the same day as the transplant) and will vote on the exact date.
Please be in prayer for Justice Wright and Justice Evans as the transplant takes place Tuesday between 12 - 4 pm. Justice Wright has to be in quarantine afterward for 6-8 weeks. We are thankful and will be honored to honor these two incredible public servants.
Fifth Court of Appeals Colleagues continue to build Bonds as Judge David Evans Donates Kidney to Retired Chief Justice Carolyn Wright
Dallas, Texas -- Life is amazing…..often times it is the gift that just keeps on giving.
Chief Justice Carolyn Wright and Justice David Evans have known each other professionally for decades, because they have shared many years of service in the judiciary on several different courts. Chief Justice Wright was first elevated from the district bench to the position of Justice on the appellate court by Governor Bush and then appointed Chief Justice by Governor Perry.
Justice Evans was first elected as a County Court at Law Judge, District Judge and then Justice on the Court of Appeals. Chief Justice Wright
was the picture of health, managing the administrative staff and 12 justices on the largest of the 14 courts of appeal in the State of Texas when Justice David Evans was elected to the 5th Court of Appeals.
This is a court where “heavy load” would be considered an understatement. Justices were often seen wheeling out boxes on the weekends for complex litigation cases that were before the 5th Court. Notwithstanding his heavy caseload on a new court, Justice Evans readily accepted the Chief’s request for him to take the lead on the successful completion of a major court renovation project.
Chief Justice Wright was considered an excellent chief—strong, fair, efficient, and goal-oriented. Her 35 years of judicial service was celebrated with numerous retirement events, accolades and awards. Then came the news no one wanted to hear, the Chief had kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant as a result of complications from a previous bout with pneumonia. Over the last several months, numerous relatives and friends have unsuccessfully been tested as kidney donors. The one kidney that matched perfectly was that of Justice David Evans.
Their journey becomes even more intertwined on September 10th at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Downtown Dallas. Justice David Evans will donate a kidney to Retired Chief Justice Wright when she undergoes kidney transplant surgery.
It is one thing for a spouse or a family member to donate an organ, but it is quite another thing for a colleague, a friend—yes, a friend indeed to give such a gift of life. Chief Justice Wright stated, “It is my hope that Justice Evans’s extraordinary act of kindness will bring attention to the great need for organ donations and the vital need to raise awareness for this worthy cause. I want to thank Justice Evans for this incredible Gift of Life.”


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