Our Organizational Philosophy

A membership-based organization, our primary goals are to enhance the leadership, communication, professional practices and engagement skills of leaders which helps them be better leaders - which in turn helps them better understand, connect and apply practical principles of scripture to real-time challenging, 21st-century issues of community and country - helping resolve more peaceably and practically, issues commonplace in public service. Non-partisan.
Non-denominational. Practical.

Since God’s design is not change from the top-down, but transformation based on biblical principles from the bottom up, Christians in Public Service (CIPS) and all resources and events are geared toward Christian leaders serving in public offices at the local level.

Strictly non-partisan, Christians in Public Service is a 501 (c)(3) unique, non-profit organization founded to reach, teach and minister to the unique needs of leaders in “touch-point capacities” that have the most immediate and hands-on impact in communities, cities and counties. Governments closest to the people.

Our Focus

  • County elected leaders including management and executive staff
  • State District Court Judges serving in local communities
  • City elected leaders including management and executive staff
  • Local school board trustees including management and executive district staff
  • Local management and executive staff of state and federal officials
  • Local government agency management and executive staff
  • Former elected leaders; and, former management and executive staff of the above

Our primary goals are to enhance the leadership, communication and engagement skills of leaders. Helping them connect and apply timeless principles of scripture to real-time challenging, often complex issues to accomplish optimal results.

Our Desire

  • help make already good leaders better leaders;
  • raise leaders to a higher degree of value and quality;
  • augment leaders’ effectiveness, value and attractiveness so that others will see the distinct difference between godly leadership and other styles of leadership;
  • better equip our members by helping them maximize talents, skills, experience, connections, and abilities;
  • help make our members winsome and attractive to others so that others will want what we have and model how we serve and lead;
  • make others hungry for what makes our members the servants and leaders they are – even in challenging circumstances – we want to make others hungry for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • ensure our focus is on the person and not their political position;
  • be a safe place whereby our members are free to share concerns with senior staff of CIPS, those by training and/or experience are equipped to help resolve job-related problems and resolution of conflict without fear of “leaks” or judgment; and,                                                               
  • always focus on biblically-based leadership and relationship-building principles in all our efforts – teaching, materials, resources, printed and digital resources, events and video productions.

Our History

Having served nearly a decade as a city councilwoman in Duncanville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and with years of experience in county and local government, our founder Dorothy Burton knew personally and understood broadly the pressures and sometimes devastating experiences of serving under the glare and in the fishbowl of public service. And for public servants of faith, the pressures of public service can be especially difficult.

As she began her fourth term in office, God led Dorothy to Dallas Theological Seminary and there the vision for an organization for public servants of faith materialized. With the help of Garland Mayor, Ronald E. Jones, Cedar Hill Mayor, Rob Franke, North Richland Hills Mayor, Oscar Trevino, former Texas Secretary of State David Dean, Parkland Health and Hospital System CEO, Dr. Ron Anderson, District Court employee Helen Roberts; and,
Dr. Larry Mercer,on March 20, 2013, they founded an organization that would become known as Christians in Public Service, Inc.

At our core is the Bible, yet we shy away from all things “religious.” We are not an issues-based, activist, political, religious group. We simply are a unique non-partisan, 501 (c)(3) non-denominational organization of Christians from across the political spectrum who share core values in public service and in life of truth, excellence, integrity, authenticity, stewardship, civility and respect for the dignity of all people.

We serve as a conduit for building relationships and learning as we support, inspire, educate and encourage those who serve, lead and govern. We make available opportunities for meetups and conversations on the most pressing issues of the day in a calm space where all feel welcome; and, we walk away perhaps not in agreement but better informed, having made new connections while gaining a better understanding of one another, issues and perspectives.

Our Mission

Inspiring, teaching and motivating public servant leaders of faith how to apply biblical wisdom and timeless biblical principles in how they live, lead, serve and govern.

Our Vision

Public servant leaders of faith applying biblical wisdom and timeless biblical principles in how they live, lead, serve and govern.

Our Core

  1. We believe servant leadership is a divine call to serve and not to be served.
  2. We model servant leadership, stewardship, integrity, and excellence in all that we are and do.
  3. We believe that our work is empowered by our faith at work in us.
  4. We believe that public servants are people too that need their own safe, caring and supportive forum and network where they are free to share personal and professional concerns and pray for one another.
  5. We promote relationships and work to develop friendships and a better sense of community among our members
  6. We value each person, respecting their differences in that we can disagree but never dishonor.
  7. We believe that spiritually mature public servants should mentor the next generation of servant leaders.

Christians in Public Service, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational, public servant leadership training and educational organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Funds are used strictly to support organizational operations.