Christians in Public Service (CIPS) is a 501 (c)(3) nonpartisan organization of cross-partisan public servant, faith and community leaders. Our goal is simply to be the premier teaching, training and support organization for those who serve. Unique in the public square, our foundation and all we do are based on biblical truth, wisdom, love and respect for the dignity of all people. We equip, encourage, inspire, motivate and support those who serve, lead and govern in public space. 

Join our Network and be part of a growing group of public servant, community and faith leaders who want to serve well, serve authentically and who never want to stop growing, learning and connecting with the same. Click here for more info and to become part of CIPS Network!

We equip, encourage, inspire, motivate, support and help those who serve and govern in public space. We show people how to see the forest when the trees have gotten in the way.

We are problem solvers. We have a team of people, former and current elected and appointed leaders and those specially trained and gifted in bringing people together for difficult but necessary conversations. We maintain we don't have political problems; but people both in and out of halls of government who have problems with issues, processes and policies. Some of these are legitimate, others not. We help cut through the clutter to reveal what the real issues are. Many problems don't get resolved because people on both sides either fail to listen; or, have a predetermined solution or outcome.

Our goal is to help public servant leaders find permanent solutions not temporary resolutions.

People governing wisely, demonstrating respect for the dignity of every human being.

Equipping people to govern wisely.

Core Values
Excellence in all we do

Integrity in how we do what we do
Authenticity in the way we do what we do
Stewardship in the wise use of resources
Truth in love
Civility toward all

Equipping people to govern wisely.