Christians in Public Service (CIPS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-partisan professional, personal and leadership development organization without political spin.

We exist to equip, inspire and motivate public servant leaders to be the best leader they can be. We have no party affiliation, no political bias and no political agenda.

Personal, professional and leadership development from a biblical worldview without political spin.

  • We are biblical, not religious.
  • We live out our faith, not flaunt it.
  • We care about people, not politics.
  • The Bible is our guide, not our weapon.
  • We're not conservative.
  • We're not progressive.
  • We're not liberal.

We're just the best at out-of-the-box equipping, supporting, inspiring and utilizing God's word and timeless principles to train and help develop the professional, personal and leadership skills of those who serve.

Our Vision

Christians transcending politics and governing God's way for better community.

Our Mission

Equipping Christians in public service to transcend politics by leading and governing God's way for better community.

Our Core Values



Equipping | Encouraging | Inspiring | Supporting | Connecting