About Us

Christians in Public Service, Inc (CIPS) is a 501 (c)(3) public servant leadership training and teaching ministry organization, reaching cross-partisan, cross-generational public servant and community leaders.

Our mission is unique but clear - teaching public servant leaders of faith how to utilize God's timeless kingdom principles to lead, serve and govern in order to experience what God described to Joshua as "good success."

We are not a "religious organization" because the foundational book (the Bible) from which we base our training is not a "religious book" - but God's instructional manual written by God, through men, filled with His kingdom principles for relational living, leading, governing and serving in relationship to Him, Christ and our neighbors (i.e., the world).

The world has changed since we were founded five years ago and while our mission is still the same, "Equipping Christians to serve, lead and govern like Christians," we are carving a broader path. As our culture becomes more polarized and divided, our goal as an organization is to bridge the growing gap between Christians actively engaged in activities impacting life in their cities, communities, schools and government with those elected and appointed to do the same.

We want to build bridges for better understanding as we focus on our core functions of leadership development and leadership enhancement. Our focus is panoramic public servant leadership and what that should look like for Christian leaders in a 21st century diverse and increasingly complicated culture.

Our Vision

Christians demonstrating by the way they serve, lead and govern, the core values of our faith - love for God and love for others.

Our Mission

Equipping Christians to serve, lead and govern like Christians. 

Our Core Values


Equipping | Encouraging | Inspiring | Supporting | Connecting