Who We Are | Why We Are

Founded in 2013 by a group of North Texas Mayors, public servant leaders including former Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey and the late Dr. Ron Anderson, longtime CEO of Parkland Health and Hospital Systems; and, led by former Duncanville City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Dorothy Burton, Christians in Public Service is designed to be a premier, strictly non-denominational, non-partisan organization serving as a conduit for building relationships, engaging, encouraging, teaching, inspiring and supporting public servants and public servant leaders.

We inspire, teach and encourage those who lead and serve how to do so from a biblical worldview. A worldview that honors God and one that God will honor and reward throughout their career.

Our objectives are:

  • Personal, professional and character development 
  • Leadership development
  • Moral support
  • Opportunities to meet new colleagues and make new friends
  • Connections
  • Education
  • Inspiration

Our core values are excellence, integrity, authenticity, stewardship, truth, civility and respect for the dignity of all.