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Knowing When to Walk Away
Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:20 PM

Knowing When to Walk Away

Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:20 PM
Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:20 PM
Not a criticism just observations and experience. I am increasingly finding more sincerity, authenticity and caring from those expressing no faith or marginal faith.
So many Christians have gone off the political deep end, finding their identity in their politics and idol and are just flat-out mean, boisterous, unloving, unkind, arrogant while flaunting their religion and "Christianity."
So far from Christ and his teachings. It's all wrapped up in their politics, racial and socio-economic status and god bless americas.
I've decided they can have their "Christianity." and "values." No need to try and talk to them anymore, befriend them anymore, relate to them anymore.
As Jesus told his disciples in Matthew of the same in his day, 'let them alone!" (Matthew 15:14) Still love people yes, but it comes a time when it's time to walk away. And for me, as 2022 looms and so much divisiveness and toxicity all around, it's time.
Still love people because that's Christ's way - just no longer waste precious time on those who have closed mind, ears and heart.
They want neither friendship nor fellowship if you don't think like them. Act like them. Believe like them. I am now so good with that.
Lord knows I tried. Going way out of my comfort zone for a long season to befriend and fellowship.
But God has released me to move on and there is no looking back. But moving forward.
I am no longer obligated in this new season to do many of the things God required me to do as leader of this organization and as a Christ follower who longs for peace and for the vitriol and division among Christians to stop.
Many have lost sight of the big picture, instead settling for the small screen of CNN, FOX and MSNBC.
I am now in a new season, having passed the tests of the old as I know in my spirit I have. The freedom of knowing you trusted God and held on is unlike any other.
Though outward circumstances may remain the same, I feel the presence of the Lord in my heart, mind and soul like I haven't in years and though I don't know all the twists and turns of this new season and where it will take me, I am confident that the Lord goes before me.
I was so long uncomfortable but obedient. So long ignored, but obedient. So long without support, but obedient. Many days speaking into the wind, but obedient. Many long days of drought and loneliness, but yet obedient. As it was with the prophets. As it was with the Apostles. As it was with many called to do extraordinary tasks in extraordinarily volatile times.
This I know - I refuse to jump off into the deep end and get lost in the weeds of the politics of our day - political arguments, political fights, name-calling, "Christian" culture wars following behind leaders and people who have but a form of godliness, but justice, peace, righteousness, compassion, grace and kindness are far from them.
No, I am sticking with Jesus the Christ. I want to be most like him. Not like those who only use his name to score political points with eyes but can't see and ears that refuse to hear.
I have washed my hands and shaken the dust off my feet. And I welcome this new season with joyous anticipation of what God will do in me and through me. 

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