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Celebrating Nine Years
Sunday, March 20, 2022 1:11 AM

Celebrating Nine Years

Sunday, March 20, 2022 1:11 AM
Sunday, March 20, 2022 1:11 AM

Today, we turn nine. On March 20, 2013 seven courageous people began this journey with me. To support an idea, a big idea, given to me on an uneventful, routine day while walking across the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary.

I was at the time, a student. But not the average student who was pretty clear on why they were in seminary. Whether to prepare for pastoral ministry, missions, professional ministry, Christian counseling or any of the myriad of reasons for undertaking such a rigorous course of study.

Though knowing God had led me to seminary, I was not at all the ministerial type. My whole life had been wrapped around politics. I loved God, but not to the extent that I had a burning desire or even a passing desire to attend seminary.

I had at the time been elected to my fourth term on the Duncanville, Texas City Council (a suburb just south of Dallas). I had for years been actively involved at the state and national level.

Outwardly successful and together. But inwardly filled with turmoil. Broken in a number of ways with fissures visible to no one on the outside. But inside, I was nowhere near as together as I appeared.

I was a seeker. Not seeking to know God, as I by that time had been a baptized believer for years. But being led to seek Him at a deeper level. There had to be more.

Long story made short - I eventually, after many days that turned into months that turned into a couple of years into seminary, found peace and this work found me. Literally, found me.

Many know the story of how this organization was founded and I won't go into that here. But it was nothing short of amazing and it was nothing I nor anyone else could have ever conceived. It is a work from the beginning led by the Holy Spirit. 

It had no name, but the mission was clear. Back then, we had no place to meet and one of our founders, Helen Roberts, worked for the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters, headquartered in Dallas. They were kind enough (and I will be forever grateful) to allow us to use their beautiful facility.

On a bright, crisp Wednesday morning, March 20, 2013, we sat around a table, prayed, talked excitingly about the work before us and we formed what would become Christians in Public Service.

The original mission remains our guiding light - from March 20, 2013:

"to be a nonpartisan, interdenominational organization providing support, educational programs, networking, professional and leadership development opportunities principally, but not exclusively for elected and non-elected Christian public servants who lead, work and serve in the public arena."

We have not wavered. One of our founders Dr. Ron Anderson, now home with the Lord, was instrumental in providing the framework for what we would eventually become though he didn't live to see it. But I can't help but believe that he somehow saw it.
As we begin this new season, turning a year older and emerging from such a horrific pandemic, we will stay the course. Looking to God, leaning neither to the right nor to the left but on Him as we have from the beginning. Taking on no one's issues or causes, but taking the Kingdom view in all that we do, teach and model. It's what we were founded to be and by God's grace, hard work and continual prayer, have become.
I have learned so much over these nine years - about people, about myself, even more about the faithfulness of God. As we have stumbled our way in finding our way, our blueprint has been God's word. Not political issues nor any hint of political party agenda(s). Our agenda is a Kingdom-focused agenda. Not perfect, but authentic.
We are the real deal and the test of time is one that we have passed. I have sometimes failed some tests, which sends me consistently back to the Book and on my knees.
We don't seek to be popular, but principled. In all we do. In all we are. Principled. Purposed. The principles of God's word are our foundation, furniture, pots, pans, meat and potatoes, bread and butter. With character, courage, authenticity, integrity, consistency and love for all.
This is who we are and with a grateful heart I say, "happy Founder's Day to us!"

Want to support our work? Please give here. There is so much darkness and deception. We stand for light and truth!

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