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Petitioning the King - The Prayers God Answers
Saturday, March 12, 2022 12:12 PM

Petitioning the King - The Prayers God Answers

Saturday, March 12, 2022 12:12 PM
Saturday, March 12, 2022 12:12 PM

It is a blessing to live in the United States of America. But it does not help when it comes to how to live, work and prosper under Kingdom rule.
America was founded as a democratic republic with representative form of government.
We elect representatives to plead our cause and represent our interests on city councils, school boards, in state legislatures and on Capitol Hill --- all the way up to the person who will lead us as a nation - the President of the United States.
While a representative republic, working as designed, is ideal - and I am thankful to have been born in America (even more in TEXAS), it puts us at a disadvantage experientially when it comes to knowing how to live in a Kingdom where the King has the final word and we have little to no knowledge of kingdom rule.
Yet, this is how God rules and reigns. We, as Christians acknowledge His kingship but many of us don't really know the implications for us of the same.
There is no voting in a Kingdom. The king decrees and so it is. The founders of what would be America revolted against kingdom rule and colonized the new country under a totally different form of government from the one from which they broke away.
Freedom from church rule was paramount to them as was freedom from the religious hold over government that was the rule of law in England.
Separation of church and state was paramount to them. Just not in the way the religious have twisted it in America to fit a political narrative.
The separation was to protect the state, not the church. Church rule in the new Americas would have been a deal breaker. They did not want a replica of rule that was the Church of England. The church controlled the government.
There would be no Church of America as there was the Church of England and every citizen would be free to worship (or not worship) as they pleased.
Contrary to "patriot theology," the founders did not bind colonial existence to the foundation of religion with the intent of America being a "Christian nation."
It makes for great political religious rhetoric, campaign literature and theatre, but it simply is not historically accurate.
It is historically factual, however, that most of the founders were Protestant. George Washington's parents were Puritan and he was raised Anglican. Washington would later in life become more deistic in his religious views. 
Thomas Fitzsimmons and Charles Carroll were Roman Catholics and Carroll would be the only Roman Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Many Americans balked at John F. Kennedy's election for fear that his Catholicism would somehow interfere or unduly influence his decisions. Many oblivious to the fact that a Roman Catholic was a signer of our most precious document.
I love God. I am a baptized believer, trained in theology and love America. But, as a country of laws and as a matter of law, including constitutional law, the United States is a secular nation. It was set up to be that way.
There are many Christian countries, to name a few - Ethiopia, Zambia, Greece, Hungary, England, Norway, Vatican City, Costa Rica, Denmark. But America is not one of them. 
This is why as Christ followers, indoctrinated in a country built upon the foundations of constitutional law, representative government and dominated by one religion - Christianity - many are confused as to how to be effective and impactful as both.
The Gospels of Matthew and Luke record how Jesus tells us the way to pray - beginning with the most crucial, "Our Father...." Abba Father. The Father is also King. And this is where many American Christians miss it because we have not for the most part been taught better.
Much of the media and world's attention is focused on the horrifying acts of aggression, murder and destruction in Ukraine. And there are cries from all corners of the world to pray for Ukraine.
To be effective as Christians in our prayer for Ukraine and in prayer in general, we must pray in a way that the King will acknowledge. These are the prayers He answers. 
Emotional appeal is genuine but when we pray, we are talking to the Father but petitioning the King. And it is the King that acts on our behalf as father. Emotional appeal to a King when not in line with his rule, word or decree is useless.
This is why Jesus tells us that in order for our prayers to be answered we must abide in Him and His word abide in us (John 15:7) and that we cannot get to the father (i.e. the King) no other way but through him (John 14:6).
There is a way to come to God (i.e., the King) and it is not by democratic agreement, but by the decree of the King (i.e., his word).
This is hard to fathom in American Christendom with the proliferation of prosperity gospel and nationalistic, mega and MAGA-ministry theology.
There is no strict formula for prayer. The acronym ACTS has been taught by many, gleaned from Paul's writing in the Book of Philippians as the easy method to remember to pray (A - acknowledge to God who He is; C - confess any known sin; T - give thanks for what he has already done; and, S - supplication - ask for what we need).
But this doesn't get us to the heart of God's heart that causes him to act on our behalf. The heart of God that David, as a young boy and as king, understood. The importance of the decrees of the King. 
O, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day. Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, For they are ever mine. I have more insight than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the aged, Because I have observed Your precepts.
Psalm 119:97-100
Pray for Ukraine, yes. Pray the Lord does what only He can do when it comes to kings and rulers. Pray that as channels of water, He turns Putin's heart (Proverbs 21:1) against the desire to further do harm to Ukraine and to all who are innocent.
As his word abides in us and we in Him, we trust Him to do it. (John 15:7). Ask Abba Father on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine to turn Putin's heart toward Him and no more against them who too, are His.
As humans, we are dealing with kingdoms. Not religion. Not Christianity. Not Americanized evangelicalism. Two massive spiritual kingdoms beyond what we can fathom. Yet we have been invited by God into His kingdom as sons and daughters.
So many of us have not been taught over the years, at the fault of religion how to be in relationship with God. God is not democratic. God is not the ultimate patriot Republican. God is not American. God is not Jewish or any other religion. God is spirit. All nations of the world are his.
God is from everlasting to everlasting and to his Kingdom there is no end. There's not been a time he wasn't or will be. And it is fascinating how He is calling us, those with a desire to know him, back to him. And the only way to do that is through His word.
Not because of anything mystical or mysterious to which only pastors and preachers and prophets have access. But us all who know Him. To connect the visible with the invisible, the finite with the infinite. His word is that bridge.
It's not church buildings. It's not religion. It's not long meaningless, wordy prayers. It is about relationship.
God is not concerned so much about what we as "believers" have concerned and concern ourselves with. And as Americans, have been ingrained with and have become so accustomed to and indoctrinated in. 
To understand God and to relate properly to God is to understand how kingdoms function. The people of the United Kingdom are more versed in this than those in the United States.
Countries and islands once under British Empire rule better understand the nature of kingdoms than we as Americans do. We are behind the curve. Way behind. We have got to get to know better God as King.
Today, as world systems, governments and economies are teetering - now is the time to study the King's decrees (the Bible) -- God's words and his ways like never before. Ask Him to help you understand what you are seeing and experiencing from His perspective - in context of Kingdom rule and authority.
Because like it or not, as free and liberated as we are, America is still under Kingdom rule. God's rule. 

Church membership while good, won't get it. Prosperity gospel won't get it. Cursory knowledge of God won't get it. We must know Him and become versed in kingship.
Read David's writings in Psalms. Moses' writings from Genesis through Deuteronomy and in Hebrews. Read the epistles of the Apostle Paul. Get to know God the King so that you will know better and understand how the King acts as Abba Father on our behalf when we petition him in prayer.
The absolute power from the King available to us when we operate obediently and in accordance to his decrees (i.e., His word).
We are living in amazing times, as we witness history unfold. As we watch the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and the kingdom of the earth clash.
The God of the heavens and the earth - Jehovah God, and the god of this world, Satan. We are eye witnesses to amazing real-time battles.
And Abba Father, the God of the heavens and the earth, King over all creation has invited us to be part of it all - in Him and through Him. Wow.
Get to know the King and how to live subject to the same for yourself so that your prayers will be effective. Not bouncing off the ceiling but traversing the throne-room of heaven to the King on the Throne. With our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ at His right hand giving his stamp of approval.
When we are in right standing with the King, taking the right posture before the King, we stand as righteous in the eyes of the King. And the prayers of the righteous avail much (i.e., are answered.) James 5:16

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