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How About? What About? Some Freaking Somebody is to Blame!
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 7:51 AM

How About? What About? Some Freaking Somebody is to Blame!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 7:51 AM
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 7:51 AM

Are you conservative or liberal? Asleep or "woke?" Do you try to think through and work through differences you have with others or just dismiss them outright? Cancel them? Ghost them?
Do you believe that God is really God or some nebulous idea of some invisible, imaginary "something out there somewhere" that may or may not exist? And whose to say if God does exists if he is a he or she?
What about racism? What about it? Is being white increasingly a crime? Is being black or brown a continuing historical crime?
If black lives really mattered, where is the outcry and marches as black-on-black murders continue to escalate and expected to rise as the temperature rises?
There are more black and brown mayors, police chiefs, city council people, city managers, congressional representatives - even not just two terms ago, a black president.
Yet that leadership hasn't equated to any measurable change in the misery index of many urban black and brown people. Cities that are led by blacks and browns also lead in crime - with black-on-black violent crime being especially and egregiously asinine.
Don't shoot the messenger when the message is true.
What about our politicians? What about them? If voter suppression is going to be the new reality as some see it and voices are raised in protest, where have those loud voices of protest been in cases of no "oppression" when voter turnout among blacks and browns have traditionally and continues to be abysmally low and getting lower, particularly at the local level?
What about so many churches and pastors and preachers and evangelists and ministers? Still so much of culture not only is not changing for the better because of them, but slipping downward and backward in spite of them. 
All these preachers and all these churches yet they have no real power to effect change or impact culture in any measureable way. In fact, just the opposite. What about it? They have presence but no power.
People are turning away from churches, no longer duped by "oh, we just love Jesus" folk who showed how much they love Jesus when many publicly turned a deaf ear to the painful cries of black mothers losing sons and daughters at the hands of men and women in blue.
Those sworn to protect and serve, yet some bringing death and despair to the innocent and at the same time, undeserved shame and despair to good colleagues and beleagured departments. Many already under unfair attack.
Not all police are bad but the bad should never police. 
Where was the demonstration of the love of Jesus then? Again, don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the truth of the message.

People have seen up close and personal Christianity in America and more and more are not liking what they see. They are taking a pass.
The blonde-hair, blue-eyed Jesus just doesn't cut it anymore. Even the true, not blonde, not European Jesus doesn't cut it anymore for many. Why? Because some freaking somebody is to blame!
Having seen over the past four years so much bitterness and warped interpretation of biblical truth - twisting and bending it to fit political agendas rather than straight-talking God's truth has left many cold toward Jesus no matter what he may have looked like and said. And this is the tragedy of the church in America today.
Interest in attending anybody's church is at all time lows as the light of star-powered preachers begins to dim as people discover that they too are people. And many, as has been learned, are deeply flawed and fraudulent people. Human. Just like the rest of us.
How about America being no longer that shining city on the hill?  It's not. Even our flag now is a symbol of disdain for many while remaining a sacred symbol for others.
Neither can understand the stance of the other. Neither seeks to nor want to. 
It's not just the flag. But our differences now are so deep at every level that not even Christians whose first inclination in conflict between humans should be curiosity.
Why? Because curiosity leads to conversation which leads to evangelism which leads to discipleship which leads to souls being saved. Like Philip's encounter and interaction with the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26.
Jesus was always asking sinners questions. Not that he didn't know the answers. But questions lead to conversations. He had a great conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well. His questions led to a conversation that led to her salvation. And she was so excited she ran into town and discipled the whole town.
That's how the fire of the Holy Spirit works. But the fire is but embers in American Christianity today. No spark. Certainly not a flame. Cold hearts warming the pews in cold churches.
Jesus never asked a question for question sake - but out of what he knew was their need to know the condition of themselves leading to the self-realization that they were in desperate need of a Savior. Rarely do Christians have these conversations today. And so it is no surprise that many churches are now struggling.
Jesus led people to the water. Many today not only do not lead people to the refreshing waters of salvation but to the dead sea of political polarization.
So many Christians are taking a knee. Not to bow but to bow out and check out.
Too many of us would rather take the side of an elephant or ass than cling to the side of the Savior.
Is all of this the fault of white supremacists? Black Lives Matter? White privilege? Antifa? The left or the right?
Are the deep historical roots of black oppression and labor exploitation now bearing the bitter fruit of wokeness and cancel culture? Critical race theory?
What about Ronald Reagan? Did Ronald Reagan, the first president I ever voted for, truly begin the economic destruction of the American middle class?
Has trickle down economics finally worn down many for now generations? Worn down the collective will of many to the point that they have given up trying to rise up learning from generations past that there is likely a boot up there somewhere waiting to stomp on their neck?
Have the policy seeds of the past now finally matured with clinging vines spreading through generations destroying even today's generation hope of a vibrant and viable middle class while at the same time, giving birth to the class of one percenters?
Even as the fetus of half percenters grows in the economic womb of an increasingly materialistic and decreasingly God-fearing America?
Is Ronald Reagan truly the blame? What about Barack Obama generations later? There was a sea change during and after the Obama years. The same was true after Reagan.
Whose really to blame?  Angry white males? Whites in general? The industrial prison complex? Democrats? Republicans? Stone cold statues of confederate heroes and revelations of celebrations of others immortalized in stone?
Can stone really be that psychologically damaging to the fragile psyche of "snowflakes?" What about the fragile psyche of "patriots?" Those on the opposite side whose identity is somehow wrapped up in these relics of stone.
Men long dead and gone and if they could come back, would have messages for both sides. The most likely one being that in light of eternity, it is all meaningless. Stop it, they would say and enjoy the few days on earth you've been given. 
But what about what's really killing America? May I dare say, Americans? Even Christian Americans?
Too many of us would rather take the side of an elephant or ass than cling to the side of the Savior.
We are suspicious of one another and don't seek to understand one another before blasting or blaming one another.
We are more segregated, polarized and so doggone sure that we're right. That our "side" is always right.

We choose to see one another not as we are, because we no longer have the desire or curiosity, but imaginary reciprocity based upon who we believe one another to be.
We want to "get back" "take back" and for some "go back." But the questions beg. Get back to what? Take back what? Go back where? 
May I suggest a few radical ideas? How about if Christ-followers "get back" to following Christ and not "Q," politicians, conspiracy theories, MSNBC and FOX News?
How about if pastors "take back" the mantle of the church from the politicians and teach people truth and not talking points to appease? Either this or take off the robes, crosses and pretense of being men and women of the gospel. You're not. You've become political puppets and good for nothing.
How about if we "go back" to the Gospel? The good news of Jesus Christ? How about if more Christians really believed that Jesus Christ is Lord of all instead of lord of some and that the light of God's love shines on us all - even those we don't like. Even those we hate. Even those that are different from us. Even those who we don't deem worthy. Even those who ______. You fill in your blank.
How about it? Some freaking somebody is to blame. Just look in the mirror. I have. As Americans, we all are that freaking somebody.

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