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The Constitution and The Bible - What You Should Know And What Many Christians Don't
Monday, May 31, 2021 3:16 PM

The Constitution and The Bible - What You Should Know And What Many Christians Don't

Monday, May 31, 2021 3:16 PM
Monday, May 31, 2021 3:16 PM
Let me help those who are so rightly angry make sense from a biblical and historical context of what we're seeing in America today as it relates to politics and Christianity.
Let's go back, way back, shall we? There is much talk today about patriotism, the Bible, Christianity and the Constitution. There is the romanticized, religious, patriotic view, and then there is the truth.
First of all, the Constitution was "constituted" for white males. Sorry white sisters, they didn't have y'all in mind either because like slaves, you couldn't own property, serve on juries, go to school without permission of your father; or, if you were of school age and a bride, your husband.
White males back then married girls as young as 12 and some even within the family. A tradition they brought over from England. Even Prince Philip, God rest his soul, and Queen Elizabeth are third cousins. And if a child bride bore children, schooling was out of the question.
White women, like slaves, like Native Americans were not a consideration to them. Not so in the eyes of God. 
Let's continue. Since neither white women, slaves and certainly indigenous people did not count, "justice for all" was never intended to apply to them (us), but "all" were white males.
The concept of "justice" quite simply was a foregone conclusion to mean to the writers, "just us." White males. In particular, white male landowners. They were the "all." White women, slaves, indigenous people (Native Americans), children's rights, did not fit into the concept of equality to the white male.
But God. And this is where it gets good and deep. Yes, without doubt God inspired those men to write the Constitution. Without question He did!
Unlike what many would have you believe, who have this erroneous, romanticized view of America, America was not founded on "biblical" principles.
Many of the thought leaders of the day and who wrote the Constitution were not Christians but some were secularists, deists, agnostic, unitarian, and some were Bible believing men. Though their interpretation of scripture was through the lenses of the white male.
But God. What they meant for good, and our Constitution is good - God meant for "gooder." There was no ill-intent in the writing of the Constitution. Not at all. The writers, however, never took into consideration that America would never be anything but run by white land-holding males with subservient wives. And the idea of a slave being equal to a white man was unconscionable. Unthinkable.
But God. The Constitution is a beautiful, all encompassing, God-inspired document. But for the brilliance of the Constitution, there would have been no Civil Rights legislation. No Bill of Rights.
To truly understand the true meaning of a thing however, you have to go back to the intent and the origin and originator of the thing.
First, to understand the Constitution, you must understand the influence behind it and the true connection (not the white-washed romanticized, Christian conservative fantasized one) to God's influence.
The framers came from a Kingdom. What is the United Kingdom. So Kingdom law with heavy Church of England influence was all they knew. Thus, their thinking was influenced by both.
Here is the connection. It's not that America was founded to be a "Christian nation," - it wasn't. Let me say this again. America was not founded to be a "Christian nation." The Church of England ruled and that's what those who came to the new world rebelled against, and did not want the same in the "new world."
Yet, its influence is undeniable. You can't run from what you are. There is no denying the influence of the English translation of the Bible, under the rule of King James I of England; and, the Church of England on the Constitution. It is throughout.
The framers knew kingdom law. Some, like Jefferson, who was a voracious reader, also knew from the very first 1611 King James Bible, God's law. He would even later write his own version of the Bible - "The Jefferson Bible."
The Bible, you must understand, and what down through history we have been mistaught it is, is this --- the Bible is not the religious church book religious people have made it to be. Not at all.
The Bible is the story and account of a King, his Kingdom and citizens. The Bible is God-inspired and get this -  is the Constitution of a Kingdom. God's Kingdom. Heaven. And how Kingdom citizens should live in this colony called earth and disciple others to become citizens of and represent the King and his Kingdom.
What God so masterfully did was this and every Bible believing Christ follower should get this -  the influence of God on the framers of the Constitution is without question. Yet America was not founded upon "Christianity" (remember most of the framers were not Christian men), but upon the concept of Kingdom law - influenced by Kingdom law - i.e., the Kingdom's Constitution - i.e., the Bible.
What they meant to just include as white males because of their narrrow view of humanity, God really did mean, in His influence on them, "all." ALL citizens of this new land, founded upon kingdom principles.
Those men had no idea, and no, they weren't all brilliant, forward thinking men - to the contrary. But just as the Bible is God-breathed through ordinary men, so was the Constitution.
This is why our Constitution has stood the test of time, unlike other countries who change with practically each new regime. Ours have held now through 46 administrations. Surviving on January 6, 2021, it's greatest threat to date.
The Constitution is a beautiful document. Written by men, influenced by the King. The concept of justice and righteousness for all is a Kingdom concept - influenced by the King through men who understood kingdom principles - though they had no idea at the time of the connection.
Some won't get this and will be ready to throw a shoe at me or shoot me... because they are too religious. But the Bible is not a religious, church book.
The Bible is the Constitution of a Kingdom. The existence, life, law and grace of a King breathed into and told through the lives of men and women.
We have made God's word something it was never intended to be. All the religiosity and names and labels and separatist denominations. It was never intended to be this way --- mega buildings and mega conferences and rock star preachers and entertainers --- court jesters before Holy God, the King. God looks at all of this and laughs.
While the true mission as Jesus told us before ascending back to heaven, the Kingdom, is that of making disciples of the Kingdom. This has become lost in the religiosity of the west.
Jesus never preached "born again" as a theme of the Kingdom; nor, church religion. In fact, he had nothing but disdain for the religious of his day and they eventually would crucify him. He mentioned born again one time in all the time of his recorded time here on earth.
He told us, as God-man, that he didn't come to preach religion but to fulfill the law and word of the prophets. He mentioned "born again" once and that was in response to a question by Nicodemus and even then, Jesus explained it in context of the Kingdom.
Everything Jesus taught was always, "the kingdom is like.... the kingdom is like...." The great tragedy of the church? It's not evangelicalism. It's not even racism. It's that it has so misled and miseducated people on the true meaning of God, Kingdom and how as His people we are to live as citizens and ambassadors of the Kingdom.
Jesus ripped the veil and tore down the separatism between the elite and the beggar. The alien and the native, the rich and the poor. The Jews and the Gentiles. "A new commandment I give you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." (John 13:34) This is without qualification!
Yes, we are saved. But saved not for politics or to hitch our little red or blue wagon to that world system and become apologists for it. But we are saved to serve and as Jesus taught be like yeast, quietly transforming world systems not become party to and mouthpieces for the same. It is tragic what the Holy Bible has become to far too many, especially those who are in position to mislead,misinform and do so much damage. 
The Bible is sacred. Our Constitution is special, though not sacred. And we all, not just Republicans or "Constitution conservatives" should fight like the dickens to keep it so.
What they meant for a few, God really did mean for ALL.

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