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The Problem YOU See
Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:47 PM

The Problem YOU See

Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:47 PM
Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:47 PM
For the past several months, I had been drowning in negativity, politics, anger, religiosity. I have had to fight my way not only through this pandemic, but out from the bottom of a deep, dark place. I am loud and proud OUT and through my work, my words and my ways going to reach in and bring others out too!
God did not intend for us to live this way -- regardless of our race, age, gender --- He created everything and He does all things well. Some battles we have to fight alone. Some, we need some help.
We're in a race to the finish line and those who are in my lane, I'm not going to let you quit, drown in self-pity, fear or doubt! Everybody's not in my lane but those who are --- we are going to finish strong.
Remember this, we all can't do everything, but God has equipped us all to do some thing. Find your thing, then Satan will find you to keep you from doing it. You have got to fight back! And we were created to help one another.
Whatever problem you see, is the problem God has equipped and purposed you to solve. Everybody is searching for purpose. Your purpose is your burden to solve the problem you see. Five people can be looking at the same thing and only one will be burdened to do something about it. That's your purpose.
It's not this thing whereby only special people know or something you have to pay somebody to help you find. It will find you.
When Walt Disney took his friend, Merv Griffin, to view a vision that had burdened him for months, he pointed across a vast swamp and told him the burden of his vision. Merv Griffin looked out over the same vast Florida swamp land and told his friend, Walt, all he could see was a swamp!
Griffin saw a swamp. Walt Disney saw Disney World. The rest is history! God will not let anyone see, what he has given only you, eyes to see. This is why it is so important to live with open eyes.
Of the over seven billion people in the world, none of us have the same fingerprint. None of us have the same vision and none the same purpose. This is why it is a tragedy to copy anyone! You will rob the world, more tragically, yourself and destiny ---  and the problem will be left unresolved. God doesn't re-create originals.
The problem you see is God's purpose for your life. And He will let you see it after trials, failures, betrayals, lack and loneliness. All of these things are preparation for the problem we are meant to solve.
What the devil will do, is use these very things to distract us, detere us and depress us to prevent us from every realizing and accomplishing all God gave us time, talent and vision to accomplish.
This is why it is imperative that we seek God, walk with God, talk with God at the beginning of each day. Satan, as he has done since Adam and Eve, will take what God has prepared for us and use it us against us to destroy us! He has nothing new. This is the major trick in his trick bag to keep us from seeing, then walking in our purpose.
Instead of what God means to be for us, the Adversary will use against us in our mind, which if we fall for it --- we will miss it! And we will keep going to conferences, buying "how-to" books and lining other people's pockets to tell us what God has already prepared and purposed us to do. And, put right before our eyes. Satan's strategy is a brilliant, demonic strategy that works, when we are unaware of how it works. 
I'm good at what I do because I, at one time, was so very bad in doing things I shouldn't have done. Preparation.
I can encourage people to get back up because I have fallen and had to get back up.
I can lead people the right way because I've at one time allowed myself to be led the wrong way and learned the hard way.
The things that prepare us for purpose are not degrees on the wall, but the degree of our preparation.
Be encouraged. What problem do you see?

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