Monday, July 11, 2022 7:38 PM

Monday, July 11, 2022 7:38 PM
Monday, July 11, 2022 7:38 PM
Apolitical. Non-activist. Christ-centered.

Jesus changed the world by pouring into 12 minus one. It doesn't take a lot of people, just the right people, with the right mindset and support.
Our focus is training, connecting, and being a voice of reason and truth. We are the only organization exclusively designed to meet the holistic needs of those who serve, lead and govern.

While we realize you can and do have several opportunities for professional training, we're more than that.

We take into account not just the professional but the deeper issues that make us who we are, and why we serve, manage, lead and interact with others as we do.

We help with not just the professional but the spiritual and human aspects. Because no matter our title, that's who we are and how God wired and views us.
There is a dangerous wind sweeping the country and people of faith and no faith are being caught up in and impacted by it, whether they want to be or not. And elected and appointed leaders will not be able to avoid it.

We offer that safe space.
An organization that has evolved and found its footing in public and political space that stands apart from the politics - teaching, coaching, counseling, connecting, supporting. A safe space for difficult conversations.

Those who are wise
in what has become a vicious and divisive political environment understand that it will take more than political party affiliation and money. We need the wisdom (not the religion) that can only come from God.

We protect your privacy. We don't share the names of our affiliates. We are sensitive to the reality of the divisiveness of party politics and that you may be elected or appointed via party affiliation and may be uncomfortable being publicly associated with such an organization.

Jesus understood that too. That's why he didn't scold Nicodemus who came to him at night. He showed compassion to the leader and taught him the right way, God's way, because Jesus knew and so do we, that regardless of our titles or positions, we need him. Especially as leaders.

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As a donor, your contribution isn't considered a "membership fee" but a tax-deductible contribution to the extent permitted by law.

Become part of the new CIPS Circle today. This is one investment that will keep paying professional and personal dividends. Better communities, cities, states, and nations are led by better leaders.

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