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Right or left? Liberal or Conservative? We're not about any of that!  Our mission is simply to equip people to govern wisely.

HOW? By purposely and strategically postioning ourselves to be the premier teaching and training organization for leaders in the public arena. We are a group of public servant and private sector leaders who understand that it takes us all - public and private to make our communities, cities and country better. We teach. We train. We equip. We support.


  • Your active participation in CIPS gives you an edge in helping you gain wiser with keener insight in handling conflict, relationships, communication, issues and people.
  • Your participation strengthens your character, affirm and/or give clarity to your purpose in your work.
  • You feel supported and find CIPS to be a “safe place,” an oasis in the desert of strife, division and conflict where you are affirmed and valued.
  • To add value.


  • 10% discount to quarterly training events (four per calendar year which pays for the $50 annual connection!)
  • to be a content partner as a guest blogger. This will provide you a platform or build upon the one you have by giving you added exposure on the CIPS website and social media.
  • to be part of our Event Team volunteers who help get the word out about upcoming events and volunteering at events. Events are free for volunteers.
  • our weekly inspirational e-devotional

Just complete the form below. You help us, we help you - we help one another!

Christians in Public Service is a 501 (c)(3) and contributions in excess of benefits received by donor are tax deductible. Funds are not used for salaries but to fund and sustain the work of CIPS - honorariums, snail mail mailers, training events, monthly fee to sustain e-mailers; and, web hosting.



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