Iron sharpens iron... Proverbs 27:17

Right or left? Liberal or Conservative? We're not about any of that!  However, this is the reality of our world.

Our mission is equipping Christians in public service to transcend politics by governing God’s way for better community.

How? By taking a holistic approach to personal, professional and leadership development through education, training, networking and connecting.

The holistic approach is nothing “mysterious” or “religious” – it’s simply combining biblical principles with the best professional practices in the context of the political realities of our day, to give those who are part of our $50 annual Network an edge in their work.

Our goals:

  1. That your active participation in CIPS gives you an edge in helping you be wiser with keener insight in handling difficulty, conflict, relationships, communication, issues and people.
  2. That your participation strengthens your character, affirm and/or give clarity to your purpose in your work.
  3. That you feel supported and find CIPS to be a “safe place,” an oasis in the desert of strife, division and conflict where you are affirmed and valued.
  4. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you find our educational and networking environments comfortable, helpful, even more important worth your time.
  5. That you will be so satisfied that you recommend CIPS to colleagues and friends.

As part of CIPS Network:

  1. Be a content partner. Do you like to write but don’t have a website or blog of your own? Do opinion pieces; case studies; helpful hints; informational pieces on leadership or how you perhaps handled a difficult situation in your community; or, in your position as a leader in your department or division. This will provide you a platform or build upon the one you have by gaining added exposure on the CIPS website and social media – as your blog post will be posted on our site and CIPS Facebook page.
  2. Be part of our Event Team... volunteers who help get the word out about upcoming events and volunteering at events. Event team members will eventually get a special CIPS shirt and of course no charge to attend our events.
  3. Suggest or host a networking event. We’re always looking for new and fresh venues and we will all pitch in to help with food, coffee and spirits.
  4. Receive our weekly inspirational e-devotional
  5. You get to participate in great programming and connect on a more personal level with great leaders doing great things in the public square.

We are thankful to be able to pour into your life and you into ours. These are divisive days for sure, but God has given us something special in this organization and a wonderful opportunity to forge a new and better path forward.

Come join us! 
Apply below.

Christians in Public Service is a 501 (c)(3) and contributions in excess of benefits received by donor are tax deductible. Funds are not used for salaries but to fund and sustain the work of CIPS - honorariums, snail mail mailers, training events, monthly fee to sustain e-mailers; and, web hosting.

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