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A Trap With Our Name On It
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4:31 PM

A Trap With Our Name On It

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4:31 PM
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4:31 PM

Many Christians serving in public service are oblivious to the reality that the world of politics is the devil’s domain. It was handed to him by God. Satan even reminded Jesus of this as he repeatedly tempted Jesus in the wilderness (Luke 4:5-6).

In fact, Paul reminds us in his letter to the Corinthian church that Satan is the god ("small g") of this world and has blinded the minds of unbelievers (2 Corinthians 4:4). The Adversary rules, but God overrules.

Given this is true, no Christian, no matter how strong in the Word we are, no matter how many times a week we attend church; and, no matter how much we love Jesus – none of us is smart enough, wise enough or experienced enough to avoid the traps of the Enemy. And he makes them glitter like gold.

Why? Because he knows us by name, even more he knows the name of our favorite sin. He has us pegged. While we may sometimes forget, he never forgets that we are in a battle with him for our life, our way of life, our gift of life and our eternal life. He knows we're at war and he never ever waves the white flag - even though he also knows that at the cross, God had made good on his word in Genesis 3:14-15.

Spiritual warfare is real. Sometimes we are prone to forget this because we become way too comfortable in our roles, routines, titles and positions. This is when the Adversary positions himself for victory over us.

We forget while he never stops remembering - present-tense participle, meaning he is always in the act of remembering. We remember when we come up against something we on our own can't resolve or make sense of. Then, we remember.

For some that "aha moment" comes way too late. When the divorce is imminent or when the handcuffs are slapped on.

When we step into the world of politics, we step onto the devil’s territory and no one but God knows the territory better because it all belongs to him. Think of earth as an outpost or colony of heaven because this is exactly what it is.

The whole of the Bible is the story of God and his  kingdom told through the lives of humans. God is spirit. Satan is spirit. Angels are spirits. You and I are spirits, wrapped in humanity just as Jesus the Christ.

Satan knows what traps to set for you and for me, where to place them, with whom and when. Do you have a big ego? He has a trap for you. Proud? He has a trap for you. Low self-esteem? He has a trap for you. Overly ambitious? Eager to please? Crave power? Prestige? Money? He has a trap with your name on it.

Afraid to be anything but politically correct at the expense of God’s truth? He has a trap for you. Got a lust problem? He has a man or woman waiting for you - one who, if you take the bait, will wreck your career and life.

But for the Holy Spirit at work in our life, the Adversary has an irresistible trap set for you and for me. As with any enemy, our Enemy studies us. And though he doesn’t know all as God does, he was created a powerful angel by God and though fallen, he has been around since there was human life on earth. He knows intimately, humans. He was there in the garden with Adam and Eve, and he is where he wants to be in the course of our life and career.

We just don't know when, where or in whom he or one of his demons will show up. He knows every kind of human personality because he has seen them all.

He can predict with uncanny accuracy, based upon centuries of data, what you and I will do if he planted the right thought and laid the right bait. He is a masterful and wicked strategist, manipulator and trapper.  He knows us better than we know ourselves. Only God knows us better.

As a Christian in his world of politics, he has set strategic traps for you. We read about brothers and sisters getting trapped all the time. This is not happenstance, it is strategic and by design.

We can’t traverse this political territory without God. He knows where the Adversary has placed every trap for us and once entrapped, by His grace and mercy only He can free us.

God said His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Don’t be naïve and don’t be fooled.

You are in enemy territory and every encounter is a potential trap. Ask the Helper, the Holy Spirit to help you to know. He is the only one who can.

Avoid the devil’s traps. Pray throughout the day for protection and wisdom to spot them and avoid them. Because for sure, there is a trap somewhere, in your day, along your way with your name on it that the Adversary has designed and set ... just for you. 

Take care, take a second, third and fourth look if you must. But whatever you do, please don't walk headlong in the devil's trap.

For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper.
Psalm 91:3

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