If God Has Destined You to be in - They Can't Keep You Out
Monday, August 7, 2017 9:37 AM

If God Has Destined You to be in - They Can't Keep You Out

Monday, August 7, 2017 9:37 AM
Monday, August 7, 2017 9:37 AM

2 Samuel 5:6 - Now the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land, and they said to David, "You shall not come in here, but the blind and lame shall turn you away"; thinking, "David cannot enter here." 

Some people by virtue of their position or title and just because they can, will go all out to make us feel small, insignificant and weak - particularly nonbelievers when they know that we are a person of faith.

Why some people confuse Christianity with weakness is beyond me. But they do. The mistake comes however, when we begin to believe that lie ourselves.

God has given to each of us a problem to solve, territory to claim and a work to do. The job of our adversary and those who are of him is to stop us by any means necessary.

Most of the time he gets the job done through people whom he uses to frighten, intimidate, bully and taunt us - his means is often through position, title and on social media.

None of us want to be put in a position of taunting. We want to be accepted and liked - at the very least respected. However, whenever you and I as Christians go onto the battlefield of serving on our jobs or as elected or appointed leaders, the two greatest weapons of the devil are discouragement and doubt.

If he can make us believe we can't overcome, conquer, or accomplish - we won't. And he will put up seemingly impossible barriers to obtaining what God has already purposed us to have, do or accomplish. 

Such was the case for David and his men. When David and his men went to Jerusalem,  the city God had already predestined as the capital from which David would govern - the Jebusites were already there.

Jerusalem was a fortress sitting atop a high ridge, so not only was it protected by seemingly impregnable walls, it was surrounded by valleys. It's vantage point was perfect. No enemy had been able to take it.

So here comes David and his men in the power of God, to take the city. The Jebusites because they had the clear advantage, and felt so secure behind their strong, high walls began taunting David, bragging and boasting. Because you see, they had the security and the vantage point - or so they thought. Their walls were their security.

And lest we look down on the Jebusites - we become like them when we find our security in anything other than God and His truth. We become Jebusites when we have great jobs and find our security in our paycheck every two weeks. Or, when we are "in" with the right people and know the right people and are included in the club.

As Christians no matter our title or how secure our jobs or positions may appear - even when we win re-election and our seat is "secure" for another term, apart from God there is no security in anything. It could all be gone tomorrow.

And if God so chooses, just as he did with David and the Jebusites - no matter how secure we think we are, God can take away, cause us to lose or give to another anything or anybody in which we have placed our security apart from Him.

While the walls of Jerusalem were rock solid and tall and the Jebusites found such security in them - they didn't understand that real security can only come from God. David knew this.

God did for David what He will do for you and me when He has purposed us for promotion - He will give us a plan.

David could not overtake the city because he and his men could not get past or over the walls. But God gave David another plan and that was to use the water tunnels underneath the city to go under the walls and into the city.

That is exactly what David and his men did. They conquered the Jebusites, took the city and the city of Jerusalem became the City of David. And as God promised, David's dynasty ruled for generations. 

No one can thwart the plans God has spoken over your life - no matter how bleak it seems and no matter how much stronger your enemy appears.

We should not look to find security in our job, paycheck, position, title, who knows us or who we know. All of that could be gone in a heartbeat.

Our security can only be found in God.

No matter how big your enemy appears, how great the challenge, God always has a plan and will flip the script.

Our enemies may seemingly have the advantage - but we have God. And I will take those odds any day of the week.

In what or whom do you find security? Your job? Paycheck? Spouse? Investments? Retirement account?  Business? The corner office in the C-Suite?  Your title or position? Whatever it is apart from God  is only temporary and from God in the first place. These are merely temporary means and methods. God alone is the source of our security now and throughout eternity. Do you view Him as that?

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