Wednesday, March 29, 2017 3:35 AM

You Can't Tell Everybody Your Plans

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 3:35 AM
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 3:35 AM

Nehemiah 2:12: And I arose in the night, I and a few men with me. I did not tell anyone what my God was putting into my mind to do for Jerusalem and there was no animal with me except the animal on which I was riding.

Nehemiah, a servant to the king, had a big job ahead of him - returning to Jerusalem to rebuild the city walls. He went to the king who could help him but never confided in those who couldn't. When God gives us an extraordinary assignment, it takes extraordinary courage and at the same time restraint because one of the first things we want to do is tell everybody. But everybody can't help us.

Nehemiah went to the one that had the authority and capacity to give him what he needed for the difficult tasks that lay before him. First lesson - don't run to people with a problem they can't help you solve.

When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, he took a few days to rest but made no public declarations of his intentions. Instead one night he quietly rode out, taking only a few men with him to assess the damage. He didn't talk. He didn't brag. He assessed, planned, organized and executed.

We can't tell everybody what God tells us. Why? If not careful we will allow people to talk us right out of God's will with all the reasons why we can't do what God has given us the grace to do - and they will talk us right out of God's purpose, plan and blessings for our life.

Take a cue from this savvy public servant leader who was able to complete his assignment in record time. When you have a problem, first pray, go only to those who have the capacity to help you resolve it; and once you have what you need - Assess. Plan. Organize. Execute. Don't brag about it, be about it.

If we have faith, God will give us favor. 

Prayer: Father, thank you for the work you've given me to do. Give me the wisdom and courage to seek out those whom you have placed in my life with the capacity to help me accomplish that which you have given me to do. Let me not boast but to diligently be about the work you have given me to do with razor-sharp assessment, planning, organization and execution. For your glory and for the good of those whom you've given me to serve. In Jesus's name, amen.  

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