Equipping Public Servant Leaders

Christians in Public Service, Inc (CIPS) is a 501 (c)(3) public servant leadership training and teaching ministry organization, reaching cross-partisan, cross-generational public servant and community leaders.

Our mission is unique but clear - teaching public servant leaders of faith how to utilize God's timeless kingdom principles to lead, serve and govern in order to experience what God described to Joshua as "good success."

We are not a "religious organization" because the foundational book (the Bible) from which we base our training is not a "religious book" - but God's instructional manual written by God, through men, filled with His kingdom principles for relational living, leading, governing and serving in relationship to Him, Christ and our neighbors (i.e., the world).

We invite you to invest in us as we invest in public servant leaders who want to serve and lead differently - as Christ followers. 

None of our contributions are spent on salaries and every dime donated is invested back into CIPS as we work to establish the CIPS Center for Public Servant Leadership, the CIPS Public Servant Leader Scholarship; and, to support our ongoing training and teaching efforts.

Help us be that light, as we teach leaders to be the same, in an increasingly dark culture by completing the gift form to the right (VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER) or by mailing your check payable to Christians in Public Service to:

P.O. BOX 226723
DALLAS, TX 75222




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