Building Up and Equipping Public Servant Leaders

I invite you to invest in us as we invest in public servant leaders who want to serve and lead differently - who are keenly aware that serving and leading are matters of character and integrity and that as Christians we are held to an even higher standard.

NONE of our contributions are spent on salaries and every dime donated is invested back into CIPS to further the professional growth of public servant leaders.

We are a unique ministry organization and though we teach, train and minister in the arena of politics and public service, we are not supported by a political party or political action committee. We are not tainted or stained by divisive political issues because our teaching, training and ministry are not political, but professionally and biblically sound.

Will you help us? 

Our mission is clear. Our vision even clearer - even as culture continues its steady march into darkness.

Building up and equipping public servant leaders for the work of serving, leading and governing is what we do. It is all we do.

Your gift in any amount is tax-deductible as allowed by law and is used to support mailings, educational materials, speakers, special events, workshops, seminars and facility use fees.

You may invest by completing the gift form to the right or by mailing your check payable to Christians in Public Service to:

P.O. Box 226723
Dallas, TX 75222

Thank you!

Dorothy Burton
Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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