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Welcome to My New Chapter
Friday, March 29, 2019 11:12 AM

Welcome to My New Chapter

Friday, March 29, 2019 11:12 AM
Friday, March 29, 2019 11:12 AM

There were five of us, now there are four. My big brother passed away last week and I have been grappling with how I am supposed to feel what I have been feeling. Some days empty. Other days confused. Still, other days thinking of the joy and hope our family felt as we gathered around his bed, holding hands, each of us taking turns praying out loud so he could hear us and afterward, joining together to sing praise and worship songs.

He improved so much that they moved him into a regular room and as we drove back to Dallas from Shreveport late Wednesday night, into the wee hours of the morning of Thursday, our hearts were glad. Only to have them shattered with the call from my niece later that evening that her dad, my brother, had transitioned to heaven.

I am sure many who have experienced the shock of loss can relate. The brevity of life is astounding. And my brother's sudden passing has had an astounding impact on my life.

A good friend recently asked a very simple but profound question, "What will make you happy?"

Without hesitation, I blurted out, "speaking, writing, and teaching about life and purpose and how we are to live and work in light of how God created and purposed us!" That's when I knew it was time to begin a new life chapter.

The title of the chapter is Calibrate. While I will continue planning and managing programming for CIPS, this allows me the much-desired freedom to engage broader secular audiences in a variety of settings; utilizing to the fullest, my gifts and talents as I fulfill the purpose for which I know I was born and have been prepared as I help others do the same with excellence.

My goal is to teach and inspire as God has taught and inspires me, helping individuals and management teams find their way, purpose for being and how to live the life we've been blessed to live to the fullest.

Without fail, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. An object set in motion will continue in motion until met with resistance. Life, whether we like it or not is governed by laws. Laws are principles.

Principles govern everything we do whether we like them or not is irrelevant. The law of gravity says if you climb on top of the roof of your house and jump - you're coming down. You're not going to float or fly!

It's what I teach, principles for optimal living and leadership. Why? Because I have learned these are the keys to life and success. Not temporary "rah, rah motivation" where people leave on a high that is gone in a day, but principles. Principles never change and can be life-changing. Most people, however, will live and die without ever discovering the principles for optimal living and leadership.

Why are we seeing such chaos in culture? Because leaders have gotten away from principled leadership and absent principles, there is profound dysfunction.

This is what I am about now. Why? Because I too had some decisions of late to make. And I have no more time to waste. Neither do you. This is my life now - and in everything I do, I know what to say yes to - more important, what to say no to. Continued wrong thinking, while traveling down an uncertain path is no more.

Time is ticking away for us all and my goal is to maximize my time and talents and help others do the same. We all have been given life and purpose for living. I found mine and by God's grace will spend the rest of the time He gives me living that out to the max while helping others do the same thing too.

Time is a mere interruption in eternity. People are leaving here every day. Between sunrise and sunset, we have work to do and life to live. Most people are wasting life and just marking time. Not me and not you as you read more of my materials and invite me out to speak to your group or organization.

Your life and purpose for being - do you know why you're here? What you were born to do? Have you taken the time to discover your gifts, explore your talents, and how they all work together for more than to occupy a seat at the dais or an office in a building?

Have you taken the time to go back to God to ask Him why He sent you here in this body by way of the womb before it is laid down in the tomb? Or, are you stuck in a rut, with other people stuck like you, where there is no joy, no fulfillment and all you do is work to pay bills?

You and I were created for so much more! And if you lead a team, they can do no more than what you lead them to do. Why are we seeing such chaos in culture? Because leaders have gotten away from principled leadership and absent principles, there is profound dysfunction.

I don't know about you, but I plan to die empty - leaving nothing undone that I was sent here to do. Having seen the turn of another decade and losing my brother, I now know what Dr. King meant by the "fierce urgency of now," as it relates to life.

Ask yourself as I most recently did, if not now - when? If not now - why? How do I get beyond where I am to where I so want to be?

Now is all we have. Yesterday as good or bad as it was, is yesterday and gone forever, never to return. And tomorrow is at best a hope, and at the most, a maybe.

Let's talk about your next event, retreat or conference and how I can help!

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