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You Are Worth Your Value!
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 8:43 AM

You Are Worth Your Value!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 8:43 AM
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 8:43 AM

Once you learn how valuable you are and what you bring to the table, you will kick yourself for not learning these sooner.
The world didn't give you a discount on hard-earned experience neither did it soothe your hard knocks.
Your university didn't give you a price break on your education and the bookstore didn't care if you had to choose between buying books and buying food.
The many nights of midnight oil you burned came at a significant sacrifice and the oil to boot wasn't cheap; neither are the knowledge, skills, and abilities earned from it all.
So when people ask you to discount your service or prices, just know this - if you don't learn your value, people will always play you cheap. Quality costs. That's why there are Lexus and Chevrolet.
You can't walk into a Mercedes dealership and ask for the Volkswagen deal.
Don't get frustrated when you know you are a Lexus but allow people to buy your services at Chevrolet prices.
That's on you.
Know your value and you will never be broke again. Know your worth and you will never have to feel cheap and cheated again.
People will pay for what's important to them and borrow to pay for what they can't afford. When they ask you to discount your value, that simply means they see no value in you. If you're good with that, they will be too.
Nobody can value you less than what you allow. Two things that will absolutely change your life and if you get this, I promise you, you will love yourself for it.
Free yourself of small thinking. You will only grow as large as your capacity to receive and that capacity is conceived in the mind.
If you think you can only do two things, two things are all you will ever do. If you think your services are only worth $25 when the market values your services at $100, you will leave money on the table and always be broker than you need to be. Because you and I can only hold what our capacity allows, a false self-imposed capacity will render a false self-imposed net worth.
Secondly, know your value so that others will respect and appreciate your worth. Once you establish this, they will know as well not to ask you for a Cadillac deal on a Kia budget any more than they would ask a Cadillac dealer for a Kia deal.
Nothing wrong with Kias, but everything would be wrong with that dealer if he "gave away" a Cadillac for a Kia price. And something is wrong with you and me when we do the same. We don't know our value.
One of the keys to my success as a writer, speaker, and leader going forward is I am taking more seriously my own advice because I don't teach my opinions, I teach principles. And principles are timeless because they work. And this idea of work, worth and value is actually a biblical principle.
Paul taught young Timothy this in 1 Timothy 5:18 - "... the laborer is worthy of his wages."
A laborer is "worthy" - the root word of "worthy" is the word "worth." You are worth your asking price for the work that you do.
So what are you?  A Cadillac or a Kia? You get to decide. And the decision you make will determine how you view your value, worth and the quality of life you will enjoy or not enjoy.
Even more, how others will view the same. But you must set the bar. People will never esteem you more highly than you esteem yourself, nor will they value you any more than you believe you are worth.
You are worth your value!

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