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If America Is To Be Saved, Christians Must Stop Fighting For The Enemy
Sunday, September 30, 2018 6:42 PM

If America Is To Be Saved, Christians Must Stop Fighting For The Enemy

Sunday, September 30, 2018 6:42 PM
Sunday, September 30, 2018 6:42 PM

In Christ there is one race - humanity. There is only one time God Himself divided humans - after the flood in Genesis 11:1-9 when they all decided to come together and build the Tower of Babel.

God recognized the power they had when they banded together. His plan at the time was to re-populate the earth so the Bible says that God himself "came down" and confused the languages and scattered the people.
The common enemy of common humanity is Satan. And we are more powerful than we know. But he knows it. If you don't believe this then none of what we're experiencing today will make sense to you.
Depending on your political bent, you will blame either the Democrats or Republicans and/or some great right-wing conspiracy or a left one.
Satan too recognizes our power. We're at war alright because the two kingdoms are. And as Christians who believe in the power and understanding of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) we must also understand that God's Kingdom extends to earth and as Christ followers we are citizens of that Kingdom, colonized on earth.
Being that this is true, we must also understand that we are at war with citizens of Satan's kingdom, the kingdom of darkness; established in the earth by Lucifer (Satan, the Devil, Diabolos) when he was thrown down from heaven - with colonies of people adhering to its doctrine. They, too, are spread out throughout the earth.
They are at the top of every world system - especially the center of all world power - the world of government and governing systems throughout the world.
If you think I am whistling Dixie, you'd better go grab your Bible!
Satan, the prince of the kingdom of darkness, has a hierarchy of demons that seek to divide us, agitate us, anger us, frustrate us and cause us to turn on one another. And they are on it big time and overtime, 24/7.
The clashing of the kingdoms is being played out through where? In the very sphere of power - the world and in the arena of human power -- the political arena.
Some commentators speak on various media outlets of a coming "civil war." I don't believe that at all. It's another ploy of the Enemy to keep us suspicious of and hating one another.
There will be war but the only coming war that matters is not a "civil war" caused by the division of politics and race, but the war of Armageddon where Christ returns as the conquering King not as a babe in the manger, to restore the earth back to God the Father.
And this my friends is what all of what we are seeing, hearing and experiencing is about. All of this hostility and division is leading up to that day. The exact day and hour only God himself knows. But know this - it's coming.
Everything Jesus told us would happen, has been happening since He ascended to heaven. So don't listen to false prophets who point to earthquakes in diverse places and other prophetic signs Jesus taught as if they are some new phenomenon. Such have been unfolding since Jesus was taken up and will be until He returns.
Each day we live is a day of unfolding prophecy so don't believe the hype that the word will soon end. It may or may not. We just need to start living as if or keep living as if it could be tomorrow or tonight. We've always been on countdown.
Satan can blind us all - some temporarily, others to the point of total and complete blindness who will never find their way back.
I too of late had been temporarily blinded. Fussing and fighting with folks on social media and feeling awful on the inside the whole time. Why? Because I had fallen into the trap of the Enemy and was being used as so many others. And I felt dirty and small.

We can't fight as they do and expect to win.
Thank God for the Holy Spirit and sometimes we really do have to wrestle with our demons. Given the political climate and my love of politics and governing, I've had to wrestle with more than a few demons over the past several weeks.
Let me say this to leaders who are Christians - you are a target for serious spiritual warfare. We all are. But leaders who publicly profess Christ especially so. If Satan has to send every demon in hell, or even come for you himself, he will.
That's why Paul warned to not be so quick to aspire to be a leader or teacher. Trust me when I tell you this - you will be up against some mighty forces of evil. You, as a leader must spend time with God and in His word. If you don't, you will be weak, your ability to lead effectively seriously diminished; and, you will live in a constant state of frustration.
You will be challenged on every hand and will spend so much time putting out fires that you will wear yourself out and soon grow weary enough to want to throw in the towel. Or, question your ability or question whether of not you're in the right place at this age and stage of your life and career.
It is Satan's greatest ploy against leaders who profess Christ - to wear you down and wear you out until you want nothing but out. And you will abandon the assignment God has purposed you for. The enemy will have won and you will have forfeited your God-given purpose and failed your assignment.
That's how our enemy rolls, leaders.
As a Christian, if you're walking around angry, hating the Democrats or the Republicans, the right or the left, joining with others in throwing verbal assault bombs, writing the same - and feeling angry and agitated on the inside - king's x, you've switched sides and are now fighting in the other kingdom for the other god (small g) and there is no way you will win.
They will eat you up and you will continue to be eaten up on the inside because that's what compromising with evil does to us.
The wars within the world system of politics have to be fought on our knees in prayer and with our lips with the sword of the spirit - the uncompromising truth of God's word.
Don't lie to gain favor or to keep it - because you invariably will lose the very thing you lied to keep or protect.
Satan laughs at us as we fight in his armor using his weapons because he knows we can't win and all we will do is his dirty work by destroying one another. Even more important we will destroy our witness for Christ to the world; a world and people desperate for truth and authenticity. Yet when they look at so many of us, we look and sound no different. 
The very same way David, when going out to meet Goliath, had to shed Saul's armor and go out to battle with his own weapons, in his own clothes, so must we.
Clothed in righteousness with truth as our weapon and faith as our shield, we can fight and win and change America.
It only took one brave little shepherd boy to defeat the greatest most powerful threat representing the enemy of God. An army didn't defeat Goliath, David did.
We need some Davids and Deborahs and Esthers and Daniels to rise up. Don't wait for your elected official to do it. Way too many are compromised with their only interest being to fit in where they can get in with the power structure by doing and saying whatever they must to keep their seat and to guard against being "primaried" in the next election.
No, if it is to be, we as individuals have to take the same attitude as that ruddy little shepherd boy and that brave public servant judge Deborah, who ladies, when Barack wimped out, she herself led the charge.
We must really understand that God alone is our protection and He alone worthy of our allegiance and life - not the ideology or platform of the right or left. 

We can't fight as they do and expect to win.The god of the other kingdom knows it, and as Christ followers of every race and hue in America, we had better quickly learn the same. 

Dorothy Burton is an author, conference and keynote speaker for various organizations and governments across the country. She is the author of the new book, Why We Fall: The Power of Self-Awareness.

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