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It's a Matter of Obedience
Saturday, March 31, 2018 12:01 PM

It's a Matter of Obedience

Saturday, March 31, 2018 12:01 PM
Saturday, March 31, 2018 12:01 PM

When God has called you to, through Him, to build something unique, something no one has ever seen or heard of before for His glory that will eventually help many, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.

Biblical scholars estimate it took between 100-120 years for Noah to build the ark. There were many days I'm sure he grew weary and wanted to quit. Day in day out the same grind. No reward. No pay. No big crowds cheering him on. Just a vision, a calling and a made up mind and heart to obey God.

On this Resurrection weekend, what task has God given you to do but because it's not glamorous, no money in it, nothing you can see in it for you, difficult, knowing that criticism, ridicule and rejection are sure to come that you are hesitant to do?

People may or may not be there to help you but God will. Others will abandon you, God won't. Others will whisper behind your back about you, dismiss you.

The same Jesus you're celebrating went through the same. But he was obedient even unto death. Yet He lives. Noah and his family didn't drown. Do what God has put to your hand to do and know that while all those other things will be true, God will reward and bless your obedience. He wouldn't be God if He didn't. Trust Him.

Will it be hard?

Very. Will people criticize you, talk about you, walk away from you? Count on it. They talked about Jesus. They talk about me. They will talk about you.

Give them something to talk about. Obey God! People talked about, criticized and ridiculed Noah too. Then one day, it started to rain...

Dorothy Burton is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Christians in Public Service, Inc. and the author of the book, Why We Fall: The Power of Self-Awareness

She is a popular writer and speaker, speaking to faith and non-faith based groups, organizations and local governments on servant leadership and current events impacting public policy and American culture - offering practical and biblical solutions to common leadership challenges uncommon in 21st century public space.

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