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What Good Is A Seat At The Table When You're Only Served A Meal To Go?
Friday, August 3, 2018 12:27 PM

What Good Is A Seat At The Table When You're Only Served A Meal To Go?

Friday, August 3, 2018 12:27 PM
Friday, August 3, 2018 12:27 PM

The President Holding Court with the Preachers
Photo: Andrew Harnik AP

Preachers and pastors...Everybody who challenges you is not your enemy. In fact only those who care will. Friends challenge. Enemies criticize. Learn the difference.

Paul challenged Peter. Jesus challenged the pharisees. Preachers and pastors you are not above reproach or reprove when you lower the bar. So climb down from your lofty high horse, stop playing the victim and grow some holy backbone.

If the President of the United States of America requests a meeting with you, by all means, go.

But don't go with hat in hand unable to even ask a question. Yes, Daniel served kings. He served under four administrations but didn't hesitate to speak truth to every one of kings under which he served.

Yes, Nehemiah met with the king, but wasn't afraid to open his mouth to tell the king what his people needed. So stop it. Stop making excuses.

Those black preachers and pastors who met with President Trump were right to accept the invitation, but wrong to accept the condition of not being able to ask him questions. That's not conversation. That's soft soliloquies. That's not dialogue. That's speaking only when you are called on to speak.  And you'd better speak to the President's liking. What kind of mess? What kind of black men of God would do this? Especially given the underserved communities they serve and supposedly represent.

This isn't spewing racial hate or division - that's not my thing. As a dyed-in-the-wool black conservative that's SURE not my thing. BUT, truth is truth.

You don't just meet with the king and sit there nodding in agreement, offering a beautiful word of prayer, yet stay within the boundary of the ground rule. Sit and be seen but not heard.

What good is a seat at the table when you're only served a meal to go?

Maybe John Gray isn't old enough or they were teaching the sanitized history classes when he came through, but that sir was the first RULE of plantation living.

Sit. Serve. Be seen. But not heard. You couldn't dare ask the plantation owner a question. Would somebody please explain to me the difference?

For him to say he was never on a plantation, hell none of us were but the impact of over two centuries of our ancestors being there and their ancestors being there still are evident in discourse and behavior. So PLEASE...

All of y'all who think you've made it....have several seats. You haven't.

And to compare that to Dr. King. Really? Dr. King never sat with Lyndon Johnson or any of them without making demands for the betterment of the whole.

Those preachers sat there, nodded their sanctified heads and didn't walk away with not one thing. Just like those HBCU "leaders." What did those colleges benefit? Nothing.

I'm not in ANYBODY"S political camp - gave that up. I'm in God's camp.

We don't do photo ops. And we do ask questions. We don't care if it it is the President of the United States when we represent the King of the universe.

Iron always sharpens iron.

Dorothy Burton is a conference and keynote speaker; and, workshop leader for various organizations across the country. As a author and speaker, Dorothy writes, speaks and teaches to inspire, encourage and enlighten in the areas of leadership, purpose, faith and culture. She uses her gift of communication, principled and pragmatic approach to leadership to help leaders and those aspiring to lead, learn and discover more effective ways to lead, communicate, work and serve.

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