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Just Because They're a Politician Doesn't Mean They're a Public Servant
Monday, February 3, 2020 9:27 AM

Just Because They're a Politician Doesn't Mean They're a Public Servant

Monday, February 3, 2020 9:27 AM
Monday, February 3, 2020 9:27 AM

I will say this, write this, in love and knowledge and because I have taken more seriously than ever, the work I’ve been called to do. Hear me on this.

It is impossible for many "politicians" to stand on principle when they have to stand for re-election. For many, it is about getting re-elected. Godly principles and party politics are not a match made in heaven.

As much as many of them would love to stand on conviction, especially if they are men and women of faith --- and I know many that do because I hear the cry of many convicted souls. For some, the pull of political party power is always greater than the pull of the power of godly principles.

Did you hear what I just said? To those who are still angry and frustrated over the past several weeks of hearings and this past Friday's vote by the Senate?

Godly principles and party politics are not a match made in heaven.

For the "politician," especially the higher the office they hold, the priorities for many are neither people nor principles. And it is not that those who claim to be Christians, aren't. Who knows a man's or woman's heart but them and the Holy Spirit? It's just the nature of the beast.

It's not that they are bad people. And please know I am neither taking up for nor taking sides with either side. But throughout all of my years involved in politics and with politicians - they are neither devils nor demons (though some's actions admittedly are influenced by the same).

It's just that for many "politicians," high up on the food chain, particularly if they are insecure and have esteem and ego issues, when it comes down to it, the pull of power is always greater than the power of principle for them. Always.

Not so for true leaders and public servants who are rooted in principle and grounded in rock-solid foundations. Every politician is not a public servant and every public servant is not a politician.

Confusing the two have left many a voter confused, frustrated and angry.

Public service is about sacrifice. Self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. Every politician is not a public servant. You have to know this. Once you understand this, you won't go looking for oranges on apple trees!

Public servants vote their conscience with conviction, with the next generation in mind.

Politicians vote with their numbers with the next election in mind.

Public servants look out for the welfare of others.

Politicians look out for the welfare of themselves. I don't know of one who hasn't started out to serve the public as a public servant, but many because of the allure of power, prestige and money morph into politicians.

Both are elected but make no mistake, they are not at all the same. Public servants serve for the well-being of the public. "Politicians" serve for the well-being of themselves. 

And it is easy to cast stones, pass judgment and say where your feet will take you if you've not walked in another man's or woman's shoes. You could say you would do better, but would you really?

One thing is certain, God is God and His principles neither change nor vacillate with prevailing political winds. I take comfort and assurance in knowing His will, will prevail.

God's principles of justice, righteousness, love of neighbor and accountability never change nor does His expectations and accountability of those who serve in His name.

Every vote a public official takes who publicly claims God and Jesus Christ as Lord will be judged by the same.

God sees all and knows all. He will not be mocked nor will He long allow His name to be used in vain to curry favor or garner votes.

Many are playing a dangerous game and the odds are not in the favor of those who play the "God card" as cover for selfish and raw political gain.

So what can and what are we as believers supposed to do? Fume and fight? Fuss and cuss? Engage in meaningless social media banter?  No! What God expects us to do is pray for those in authority, seek wisdom, and take action based upon that wisdom.

That could mean seeking public office ourself; or, supporting true public servants and leaders.

Politicians are people. People with grave responsibility and accountability. But as fallen people in a fallible world, they, like all of us, unless spiritually mature cannot change unless by the Holy Spirit through the revealed word of God.

The need to reverse course only comes when we see we've headed the wrong way and the only one who can re-direct our path and point us and those who serve, in the right direction is the Holy Spirit.

Only God knows and can change a man or woman's heart and open blind eyes to truth - no matter on which side of the aisle they sit.

Just know that "politicians" with compromised principles cannot, and I repeat - cannot be true to themselves, their God nor their constituencies.

Every politician is not a public servant and every public servant is not a politician.

This is neither an indictment nor judgment. The Holy Spirit convicted me so this past week, I couldn't sleep for two nights. Because I too had begun to compromise God's principles, throw stones, take sides and call names.

I have been purposed for a unique work for the Kingdom (we all have). My work had become burdensome because I had become entangled in the day-to-day muck and mire of the political battles swirling around us. As a result, I was literally sick for two days! My stomach and my head exploding without explanation - until the Holy Spirit revealed to me my own disobedience and hypocrisy.

So look for me in this space and on my weekly podcast to try and help us all make sense of what we're seeing, from a biblical worldview. My goal is to help those who are struggling and inspire those who want to throw up their hands and quit.

Every last one of those Senators and those serving in the House of Representatives on both sides of the aisle will have a day of reckoning.

In the meantime, our responsibility as dual citizens of the Kingdom of God and the United States of America is to render to Caesar what is his (our taxes, service, and participation in the political process) and to God what is His (our worship, service, praise, and faithfulness to His word).

Pray, seek God, don’t add to meaningless chatter and seek to be light as we are commanded, not a match as so many now are.

We can’t change a "politician" any more than we can change the weather. But what you and I can and must do is continue to seek out and petition the God of justice and righteousness, educate ourselves on truth, pray for those in authority, whether we "like them" or not.

And come November, do what is required of us as dual citizens – vote based upon the weight of the eternal principles of truth, justice, and righteousness.

And that is between you and God.

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