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The Shaking Up Of America
Monday, January 27, 2020 1:11 PM

The Shaking Up Of America

Monday, January 27, 2020 1:11 PM
Monday, January 27, 2020 1:11 PM

The ungodly tension we're in as a nation cannot long last. It will not last. Many Christians have bent to the will of the Adversary in further dividing ourselves along racial and political lines. To the point where we can raise holy hands on Sunday but won't even shake hands on Monday if we aren't of the same political bent.

God will intervene and even now is intervening to right this ship in such ways that neither side will be able to take credit for smooth sailing after such stormy seas. If we don't destroy one another first. Are you right or left? Blue or red? A Conservative or a Liberal? Progressive or regressive?

In the great and small schemes of things and people, only God's side will matter. Are you on His side?

God is shaking up the shakeable to reveal that which can't be shaken. His will. His power. His truth. His word. His authority. His Kingdom.

We can do nothing apart from God; and in a blink of an eye, as was so devastatingly sad and made clear to us all in the tragic and sudden loss of Kobe Bryant - all of our time here is short and can end suddenly without warning.

God has no respect of person, position, power or pedigree.

We as individuals and as a nation are blessed beyond measure, blessings we have and often take for granted. We are blessed more than we deserve yet far too many of us act as if we deserve it all. We don't.

Prophets of old in their generation admonished their own. They did it not on their own, without any righteousness of their own, but on behalf and at the behest of righteous God.

We too as people of God must boldly speak and admonish our own in our generation. We know a lot of what we're seeing isn't right, yet many of us are too afraid to speak up for fear of risking the loss of support, relationships and or status.

God has no respect of person, position, power or pedigree.

Let me ask you this. If you knew today would be your last day on earth and tomorrow you meet God, would any of that still matter as much, if at all?

Which begs the question, who is to be pleased more than God? Who can compare to God? What can people do to us that God cannot overrule or reverse? Concomitantly, what can people take from us that God cannot replace ten times over or one hundred times better?

We must speak truth not on our own accord because we all are as filthy rags before Him. Not based on who we are, but who He is. The One who is blameless, all-powerful, perfect and in whom there is no darkness at all. He used others in the past and He wants to use us now.

The question is, how willing are you to be used by God to stand for truth even if it means standing against your political party or others whom you think hold your future in their hands? They don't.

What are we apart from God and what do we have that He has not given? The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. The Lord raises up and the Lord puts down.

No amount of wealth impresses God. No amount of false worship appeases God. No amount of power can equal God's. Notoriety, fame, reputation, human feats, exploits, and records mean nothing to Him.

No human endorsement moves God. He is God and God alone. He sits high and looks low. The earth is His footstool and nations, yes even the great America is as only a drop in a bucket to Him. He is God.

As a Christian and as a leader, if God has placed you in a position of high regard and authority, your first allegiance is to Him.

Who created the nation to which we pledge allegiance? Who formed the hand we raise to take an oath or gave us voice, reason, and ability to even recite the Pledge of Allegiance? 

How dare we boast of the created with a wink and give but a cursory nod to the One who created it and us all.

How dare we worship the created rather than the Creator. As we continue in exalting the political elite, calling that which is good evil and that which is evil good, there will be a hefty price to pay and the bill is coming due.

Who will stand for right and call that which is wrong, wrong? There is increasingly no distinction between those of God and those who aren't.

Is there little wonder why so many Christians are losing their effectiveness, impact, and witness?

It's not so much where we stand on issues but how we stand on truth. Truth today is determined by our talking heads of choice rather than by the Head of the church - Christ.

The real danger is the infusion of the political into the spiritual and thus we have painted ourselves into a corner and like cornered wounded animals, we are angry and more apt to fight anything or anyone that could actually help.

Americans are locked, loaded and ready - increasingly oblivious to the fact that we are destroying one another and if not careful, the country.  

What can be shaken is being shaken. And when it's all said and done, we all may be shockingly shaken to our very core.

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