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Where Will You Awake In The Morning?
Friday, January 31, 2020 2:26 PM

Where Will You Awake In The Morning?

Friday, January 31, 2020 2:26 PM
Friday, January 31, 2020 2:26 PM

Spirits never sleep. As soon as we breathe our first breath, Satan has assigned a demon (and for some demons)  to destroy the plan and purpose of God for our life.

Our assigned demon(s) plot evil and destruction against us from the moment we take our first and breathe our last breath. Angels are fighting for us the same.

Our spirit never sleeps. Did you know that? Our body gets tired and when we fall asleep at the end of a long day, it's our body that gets tired and sleepy not our spirit.

Even while we are asleep our spirit never sleeps. That's why dreaming is not a "physical" thing that we do.

Our body is an amazing, complex system that only God could create to contain the essence of who we really are --- spirits. We are eternal spirit beings "living" in a body.

God did not create us to die. We were never created to die. Who we are never dies, what we are does. The what dies (the male or female body God fashioned for our spirit).

Just as our body sleeps at the end of the day and we awake in the morning, the same is as in death. Our body sleeps but our spirit lives Infinitum, eternally, always and forever.

One day our body will fall asleep and it won't wake up. The moment we take our last breath and close our eyes, we still wake up "in the morning."

That morning will either be in the presence of God in His beautiful heaven with him and others who woke up before us or in eternal darkness and torment.

Either way, we will live in heaven with all its splendor and beauty; or, in eternal darkness, hellfire, and torment of the worst kind imaginable, eternally separated from God and all that is good - experiencing nothing but darkness, evil and pain for all eternity.

Imagine your whole life forever spent with the worst evil people that ever lived. You will be with them forever. Forever.

We get to choose. It doesn't matter our title, position, either the Honorable this or that. That's why the most important decision you and I will ever, ever, ever make is to decide where we want to wake up.

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Once you do, those demons assigned to you won't have a chance against you. They are spirits yes, we are spirit, yes, but we are no match for them.

This is why so many people are living miserable lives. Once we accept Jesus Christ as Lord of our life, he enters into our life as the Holy Spirit which makes the demonic spirits assigned to us by Satan back up.

They will never leave us alone but with the Holy Spirit in us, they can't touch or defeat us anymore.

This thing is real. It's life and it doesn't matter who we are. This is the long and short of it. And for all of us, that's the way life is. Either long or short. We just don't know how long the dash is between our birth date and our sleep date. But one day, we all will fall asleep. The question is where will you wake up?

Kobe Bryant knew God. He was saved. His body fell asleep when that helicopter crashed. I didn't know him but I have read of his faith in Christ. His asleep body was on that mountain but he woke up immediately in the morning of heaven. So did his daughter. So did all of them if they were in Christ.

How about you? We don't know when or what will cause our body to fall asleep for the last time on this side. The question is, where will you wake up in the morning of eternity?

This is what the Christian faith is about. Not presidential politics, refuting "fake news." It's not just about "pro-life," or evangelical political talking points.

It is none of that and shame on those of us who have stopped teaching and disciplining and evangelizing and telling people who are tormented, lost and desperately seeking authenticity and truth, about the good news of Jesus Christ.

I awoke early today with a different mindset. I have been of late so troubled about so many Christians misleading people. Who are by their actions and words represent the total opposite of what Christianity is about.

But the Holy Spirit told me they are not my concern. His people are. I see what's happening here and around the world and I don't have time to argue with other Christians over stuff that in the eternal view of things doesn't matter.

There is a fierce urgency of now.

There is way too much at stake and time is running out for us all.

We, like Kobe, just don't know when.

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