Governing God's Way: Leadership & Professional Development

is our premiere quarterly leadership and professional development sessions designed to provide public servant leader professionals with superior, relevant, timely, educational and inspirational training and networking opportunities. 

Seminars focus on specific areas of leadership and development, ranging from "Dealing with Difficult People God's Way," "Managing and Leading God's Way,"  "Mastering Emotions God's Way,"  "Serving God's Way to be Blessed God's Way," "Communicating for Real Change God's Way - and others.

Each two and a half-hour session is packed with teaching, training, interaction and conversation. We illustrate the relevance of God's word in 21st leadership and governing. It's not about "religion" or "politics" but governing and serving based on timeless biblical, no-fail principles. Politics change depending upon the times. Principles are timeless.

What attendees have said!

"So glad we discovered you! Totally Enjoyed!"

"Incredibly blessed by this organization and these events. I thank God for you!"

"Excellent message for public servant leadership. Totally inspired!"

"Incredible encouragement. We should do this more often."

"Keep doing what you're doing. I would like to see this room filled with more women. So encouraging."

"Excellent program. Glad I came!"

There are three types of people leaders attract: helpers, hinders and haters. All three are purposed by God for our good - even the haters. Be thankful for and learn from all three. - Dorothy Burton


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