God Chooses Who People Wouldn't
Saturday, December 14, 2019 1:06 PM

God Chooses Who People Wouldn't

Saturday, December 14, 2019 1:06 PM
Saturday, December 14, 2019 1:06 PM

It has taken me over 6 years to fully embrace this. I would so shy away from titles and never felt comfortable with such a vision God had given to somebody like me. If you knew my story, you would understand. I'm not a minister, God work was never on my radar.

I didn't have the base, the resources, I didn't fit the "religious white evangelical platform profile" that had (has) such a lock on everything Christian in the political-sphere. I didn't live on the "right" side of town. All the self-doubts. I didn't have the support, the right circles, all of that.

Such a compelling, riveting vision though. But how Lord???? I would go back and forth of all the reasons why I couldn't. The doubt, the overwhelming doubt...Seminary for sure wasn't on my radar. Starting something like this SURE wasn't. I already had a BA and an MA and a career. I was good. Or so I thought.

But by the grace of God and laboring before him, I have found my footing and His will and I wake up every day with joy and excitement unlike I've ever known.

I thank God for a strong, committed and smart Board of Directors who guide and challenge and support with their time, talents and resources. Each leader in their field:

Vicky Gunning our Chairwoman, Managing Partner, Locke Lord LLP Dallas.

Our Vice-Chair, Carla Bean, Assistant Dallas County District Attorney.

Our Organization Ministry Advisor and Board Secretary,  Dr. Darrell Bock, Executive Director, Cultural Engagement, The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Aaron Meek, in law enforcement for many years, now happily working the ranch. Love him.

And Judge Remeko Tranisha Edwards.

A diverse group politically, racially, but we love God and one another.

We had our year-end Board meeting this past weekend and are making some bold changes to the organization as God opens brand new doors and opportunities and as I am learning to trust that He really did mean what He said almost 7 years ago.

An unimaginable vision that is now rapidly unfolding and I am in awe of it all.  

I leave you with this. Trust God. Even when life doesn't make sense and the path forward seems sometimes no path forward.

God knows what He purposed you for and everything you need to fulfill it he placed inside of you and will bring people at the right time to walk alongside to help you fulfill it.

Never quit on God. He qualifies the unqualified and chooses those who others look over. As He did with David Rahab, Gideon and so many others.

The Creator knows the purpose of every one of His creations and will provide everything each of us needs to create our predestined reality.

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