Wednesday, November 27, 2019 10:35 AM

Thank God and Then Thank Him Again for You!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 10:35 AM
Wednesday, November 27, 2019 10:35 AM
I love everything about me. From my blue eyes to my light skin to my personality to my sense of humor to my compassion to my quickness of mind to my integrity of heart to my heart for God and people to my freedom I know I have in Christ. I used to couldn't say this. But now I can. I love me!
How 'bout you? Stop being so hard on yourself and defining yourself by other people's standards and opinions of you. I have a few faithful friends whom I love and I know love me no matter what and I love them back. A handsome smart husband who treats me as he should... ha! Like the queen that I am! And I no longer make apologies or shirk back for the sake of the comfortableness of others.
If I make you uncomfortable, that's your own insecurity. I love everybody so if you don't like me I'm going to love you anyway because I'm a daughter of the Most High and I live to obey Him. He says love, so I love. I don't care what color you are, gay, straight, Republican or Democrat. Wealthy or po' as a church mouse. There is no distinction in God and none in me. We ALL need Jesus. I don't need material things, I don't want what anyone else has and I live in the freedom of who I am in Christ. Excuse me while I go run around my house shouting!
This is good stuff. Love you. Take care of you. Surround yourself with genuine not easily offended people. Find your tribe and be willing to reach out and get to know other tribes. Life is better that way and what heaven will be like. Every tribe from every nation. Get to know yourself and LOVE the one of a kind masterpiece God created you to be.
This Thanksgiving, why not thank God for you! The world beats you down all year long all year round telling you what you're not and what you should be. Thanking God for you is not worshipping yourself but Him! That's not being selfish or conceited, it's acknowledging and getting in agreement with Word.
You are fearfully ( carefully) and wonderfully (not another like you on the planet) made! And only God could do such a thing.
Happy Thanksgiving to the beautiful one-of-a-kind person God created you to be!

Dorothy Burton is the founder of Christians in Public Service and is a popular conference speaker and author of the book, Why We Fall: The Power of Self-Awareness. Follow her new Podcast, "Making Sense with Dorothy Burton" for provocative discussions on life, liberty and the pursuit of truth in culture, Christianity, public service and leadership. Contact Dorothy:



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