Knowledge Network

Knowledge Network (KNET) is all about us helping one another - learning from one another.

The wisest public servant leader that ever lived, King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9 said, "that which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun."

Rarely is there a problem or issue that a public servant leader today faces that has not been before encountered and resolved by another leader in a similar position in a similar town, city or county.

KNET is an online forum which allows for sharing information and building community.

CIPS Network is made up of leaders willing to help by sharing our experiences and how we dealt successfully with an issue you may currently be struggling with.

This is how it works:

Email your question, problem or issue encountered directly to our CEO, Dorothy Burton at 

To ensure authenticity, we will do a quick follow up e-mail to validate information submitted. We will follow up with you for any clarification and will only post names and locations by permission. We are more concerned with how the issue was resolved.

We will share with the membership and post responses.

If mutually desired we will share information with members posing questions and those offering solutions. This builds relationships and community. Given the current climate, we could use more of this!

If you have encountered a difficult person, having a problem at work with a difficult employee or constituent, dealing with a sticky, potentially damaging event, struggling  personally or professionally - let KNET help you!

It's great to have a safe place where we can help one another. It's what we do!

Together, we can ALL be better.

Submissions to Dorothy at - Inquiries, case studies, responses and solutions.