Meet 'N Munch with Dorothy


Donuts and coffee are on us! Join us for conversation with our founder Dorothy Burton learn more about why we are so high on this organization - we are an oasis in the desert of public service - people beat you down, we build you up. When you can't trust others (and to be honest sometimes even ourself if struggling) - you can trust us. We are simply here to help public servants of faith with wise counsel, support, inspiration, motivation, leadership, personal development and encouragement. Learn more about us as we learn more about one another.

From Dorothy

"Because we know there is a better way. Because I am a private person whom God has always thrust into public roles. Because 7 other people and I were obedient in 2013. Because God knew there would be so much darkness, division, and hopelessness in 2019. Because we have a story to tell and the Board and I invite you as a public servant to join me for a personal one-hour chat over donuts and coffee on September 28th or cookies and coffee on the evening of October 8th.

We were scheduled to honor Justice Carolyn Wright with our 4th Annual Ron J. Anderson, M.D. Public Servant Leader Award on the 28th but God rewarded her with life by way of a donated kidney from Justice Evans instead.

But this is serious business and we take our calling seriously. A young, bright Assistant District Attorney committed suicide two weeks ago. Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has been surrounded by sharks since setting foot in Dallas. The list is long of the elected, "anointed" and appointed; however, there are countless managers and supervisors and directors and line staff who love God, want to serve and just do a good job but struggling and too ashamed to say or some catching hell every day because they stand for right and won't play the game. Where can we go but to God?

We get it. God long ago got it. I had to be broken myself. Terribly broken because God had a different and much bigger plan for me in public service. Every last one of our founders got it.

For your convenience, we are hosting a September 28th Saturday morning meetup and the evening meetup on October 8th. Donuts and coffee and us on the 28th; or, cookies and coffee and us on the evening of October 8th.

PLEASE NOTE: These meetups are only for current public servants at any level. Rank only matters to people, not God and not us because we all struggle in various ways. There is room for only 15 people at each meetup, so please register early. Both are absolutely free but you must register!

We are here to encourage you, inspire you, teach you the better way; learn from you and we learn from you; walk with you when the way gets dark and be that safe place when you don't know who to trust. A place of peace in a world of turmoil. A group of imperfect but authentic and real people.

No gimmicks, no ulterior motives other than to obey God and be light in so much darkness. No politics AT ALL. Unusual these days I know. But we serve an unusual God. Come, let's share a doughnut or cookie or two!"

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Meet 'N Munch with Dorothy