Christians in Public Service (CIPS) is a safe and supportive membership organization. 


The privacy of our members is paramount. We will never sell, rent or give out names or addresses to anyone other than fellow members.


Membership is January 1st through December 31st without prorating.

Those joining after October 31st will be a member for the remainder of that year until December 31st of the next year.

There are two categories of membership:

Public Servant Membership (for those working or serving in public service)
CIPS Network Membership (for those who don't work or serve in public service)

Public Servant Membership | $100 Annual

Open to all current public servants to include:

  • Elected officials
  • Appointed officials
  • Executive Management
  • First Responders
  • Management
  • Directors and Department Heads
  • Staff
  • Line Staff
  • Blue Collar

Elected or Employed by:

  • Local governments
  • Public School Districts
  • Community College Districts
  • Public Universities
  • State governments
  • Federal government
  • Local and State governmental agencies
  • Public agencies receiving local, state and federal funding

Citizens appointed by any of the above, serving as volunteers on an appointed board, commission or committee are not eligible.


  • Free admission to our leadership training seminars
  • Advanced notice of special events with priority seating
  • To boost your platform, you are eligible to be a guest blogger and content contributor on our website
  • E-weekly inspirational message to inspire and encourage you
  • E-newsletter with great leadership tips, tools and features 
  • Eligible to be featured in one of our monthly newsletters
  • Listing in the CIPS Membership Directory (available to CIPS members only)
  • Link on our website to your business, professional or ministry website as another way to help boost your platform
  • Because CIPS is an exempt organization as described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the following website links and/or those related to the same are not eligible:

Political campaign links

Political party related links

Political action committee links

Local, state or national political party links

All other links that could be construed as politically oriented

All links are subject to approval

As a CIPS member, should you want to contribute a blog post or helpful opinion piece, e-mail to: 


Not a public servant? Click here to join our CIPS Network! If a public servant complete the application below! WELCOME!


Contributions in excess of benefits received by donor are tax deductible. Your membership is tax deductible excluding some items, which may be part of the benefit package at your level of membership.

Public Servant Membership Application


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